COMMENT ON: Huckabee: Kennedy Would Have Been Urged To Die Earlier Under ObamaCare

There was a brief moment when he entered the 2008 campaign that I thought this man might have what the late Joseph Welch called decency in the Army-McCarthy hearings. It is worth rereading that famous exchange.


I have little doubt that what has turned Huckabee from a person with at least a shred of decency into someone whose decency quota is, at least today, zero, is the atmosphere and ethos of the organization that now pays his salary.

Welch finished McCarthy with this exchange. I hope this linkage will at least give Huckabee pause and stimulate some open penitence in the form of a public apology.
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3 thoughts on “COMMENT ON: Huckabee: Kennedy Would Have Been Urged To Die Earlier Under ObamaCare

  1. Sharon Gillespie says:

    Oh, PLEASE! I’m so tired of the predictable Republican claptrap out of these Republicans! To the person they spew the same nonsense. Have these people never in their lifetimes been anywhere besides the United States or some third-world country? The civilized world, by and large, does far better than the U.S. does with health care and does it for half as much money. The answer to the question I pose, unfortunately, is far more cynical than just mere ignorance on their parts. Instead they follow the party line and the industries they pander to and that feed their political coffers. These Republicans are just scandalous and should be put out to pasture like poor old tired horses that are all used up. They have nothing–NOTHING–to offer the American people except fool’s gold. Americans aren’t panning for that!

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