COMMENT ON: Cheney Still Manipulating People — Now In Public

Immediately after Barack Obama’s election, after working for him from Iowa on, I wrote that the nightmare is over. Now I realize it is not. The legacy of the Bush years lives on. We have an obligation to expose it to its evil core.

We need to show forcefully Bush’s role in stealing two presidential elections and leading the country to the very edge of ruin using 9/11, whose advent he ignored, as an excuse. If Hannah Arendt needed a poster child for the banality of evil, Bush is it.

We need to examine all of Cheney’s career. Was he always a danger to democracy? Did he always operate, when he had power, with impunity?

The key to a proper dealing with Bush and Cheney is our President.

He can only end the nightmare by leading the country — as Ike proposed — beyond the demonic hold of the military-industrial complex and the clandestine morality it encouraged. This means saying no to conventional war as an instrument of foreign policy and yes to a concept of proportionality that can operate in the future to deter any who attack us.

I believe Barack Obama’s greatest moments will come when he wills to tackle this biggest of all global conundrums. It is the problem which for a century has engaged the greatest minds of the world and led to their common acknowledgement that we must change.

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