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Today’s Tweets — Thursday, October 27, 2009

Leadbelly – Cotton Fields ♫

Chris Matthews has nothing better to do than take a non-story and treat it as though it deserved our attention. Click! Defense Contractors Lobbying To Kill Franken Amendment — Rape Being Consistent With Military-Industrial Machinations.

Retired General Slams Cheney As “Incompetent War Fighter” Read more at:

Just got a fraudulent invoice.Called cc. Id’d it. Never click anything in an invoice you think is fake. Call the cc. co.immediately.

Six men remain in prison after their accuser admits she lied about their actions. – Obama will stop dithering if Cheney stops slithering..

A little pro-McChrystal biowback from Afghanistan — being decent works

It’s not population that creates hunger, it’s war and the war economy which benefits rich nations and stratifies societies big time.

McMansions should become the rec facilities for sensible new human settlements.

4 the 7th time PPP notes Obama leads all Repubs in 2012. Ain’t gon’ change.

A Sad Conflict — Democracies Are As Culpable as Dictatorships

Grayson: Fox News Is “The Enemy Of America” (VIDEO) Read more at:

Why So Few Read This Blog — An Open Thread

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car ♫

Bernice Johnson Reagon – We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder ♫

Jane Jacobs said neighborhood eyes on a street was/is the best protection against violence/crime. Our society’s design fails us. Will We Curb Wall Street? //wait till you see banks zapping reform.

Cat Stevens – On the Road to Find Out ♫


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