Why So Few Read This Blog — An Open Thread

I am chuckling.

I could rev up traffic during the campaign by the nuance in a headline. How Barack is Winning Today.

But even then the traffic was never that much. These days if 100 folk come by in a day, I am impressed.

Now, funnily, in the 60s when I had a well-reputed magazine that appeared monthly, it never had a circulation of more than 10-15K, although some issues were reprinted and had distribution of 100K or more.

I think this blog has consistently been ahead of the news. I know that on the public option it was. I know that on the certainty of an Obama victory it was. But then again, it was prescient 50 years ago to say that the mainline churches in the United States were in free fall. To be correct in one’s anticipations does little to generate an audience.

Numerically, I am aware that there is no necessary correlation between readership and impact. One could have a desired impact if only one person really read, for that person might respond in a way that would warm my heart.

If Obama folk read and took my general advice on pattern language that would be huge.

If philanthropic folk read and took my advice on replacing studies with contests that would be stupendous.

And so on and so forth.

The SEO folk would tell me my problem is that I am not doing all the things needed to get high in the search listings and so forth. I do well enough. Most titles including this will show up on the engines,

Maybe age has something to do with it. I boldly state my age on my About page and perhaps there are those who assume that a mind that has been functioning for 73 years is on its last legs.

Maybe bad networking has something to do with it. I do have 11K Twitter followers so I can network OK. But I have no interest in the rolodex side of things. I am happier to spend my days writing and thinking than promoting this or that, beyond some Tweets.

Whatever, I invite comments, not on how I can improve. I assume that the only way greater traffic might come is if some worthy site with millions of readers started saying that this is the place to be. That is unlikely to happen. No, I would be interested in comments on what impacts you on the Web. And on whether this is the best or worst possible world for one who wants to communicate ideas.


2 thoughts on “Why So Few Read This Blog — An Open Thread

  1. Hey Hey,

    My name is Joe, I just wanted to introduce myself since I am new to this site…

    I am a rookie to the internet but I am learning alot real quick!

    I’m a Hair-sample Matcher and devoted father.

    The things I like most in life are family, friends and nascar.

    On week days you’ll usually find me being lazy. On the weekends I like to party and enjoy the outdoors.

    My idea of the perfect day would start with a morning jog. And then I’d go to the drag races. Later I’d eat a great dinner from TGI Fridays. And I’d top it all off by snuggling with my GF.

    I also love rap videos.

    Anyways it’s wonderfull to be a part of your site!


  2. Karla Charette says:

    Well my Mom is 74 and my Dad is 77, they are the smartest people I know, my Mom went out at 69 and learned how to use a computer for the first time, now she teaches classes to her peers on how to use the www, etc, she has recieved two presidential awards for service. My Dad served for years in the military, he’s retired and really knows his recliner and all things sports LOL I traveled the world, as a GI Brat and spouse till ’93, and I learned WHO I was as an American & person just dealing with your average jill and joe around the world. I share my ideas and veiws, and seldom if ever have gotten ‘mass’ following. I am opinionated (some say stubbornly so), but ya always know where you stand with me, and I don’t believe in PC language, I’d much rather hear what you really think without all the bells and whistles. Oh my, I do run away at the type too much me thinks. I don’t agree with all your opinions, but I don’t want everyone I meet to agree with me either…would be too much like talking to myself in the mirror. Anyway, I did want to respond to you when I saw your comment on Twitter, I follow you so I can be directed to interesting articles to read (no don’t always agree with them) so I can see if I can be persuaded by the other sides argument, usually not LOL
    Keep Blogging, age is your greatest asset!
    Thanks for the chance to chat at ya…
    Karla aka: GrandmomsHeart

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