Disgust With Both Parties Could Lead to A Democratic Rout in 2010

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My reasoning is simple.

The pattern may turn out to be Conservative candidates running against the GOP and primary candidates challenging Democrats.

If the fights in both parties tend this way, the Democrats win hands down. Almost no third party candidate wins. The sad exception last time was Lieberman who got defeated in the Democratic primary.

I believe the electoral dissent will boil over on the Republican side and result in third party runs by defeated GOP primary candidates. If Democrats avoid this pattern they have a lock both Senate and House.

The disgust with both parties comes from two different perceptions. Progressives are tired of bought and paid for Democrats. And the wingnut shrunken Republicans simply want to destroy the party they are ruining every time they open their mouths.

The best thing is that there is a majority that leans toward the Obama agenda. If that changes we are in deep trouble. We would be where we were when the minor dark age we live in was sealed in 1968.

I believe that fate will pass us by. Dems need to hang tough and keep battles within the party.

Republicans will be unable to. That means their fate is worse than it even is today.


2 thoughts on “Disgust With Both Parties Could Lead to A Democratic Rout in 2010

  1. pirate wench says:

    What Democrats need to do is the job they were elected to do instead of watering everything down and continuing to kowtow to Republicans! They’re handing themselves their own asses with this “bipartisan” crap.

    Grow a pair and institute the change you were elected for!!!

  2. Moses says:

    Hello Steve,

    While I agree with your thesis, I think there’s been a power shift in progressives away from ‘our leaders’ and to the voters, particularly those who are actively engaged in the phonebanking, canvassing etc – the activists as they are called.

    I think there’s a paradigm shift that is a tipping points, which is that we as progressives need not forfeit the legislative fights to a fight between the lessor of two ‘bought out’ evils. But we need to make it clear that our grassroots power & clout make it untenable for elected officials to stray too far from a mandate that we place upon them.

    I believe this is the case with the way the VA governors fight is going; activists are just waiting to be unleashed. If the ‘leader’ fails then we’ll unleash ourselves and make it clear that we’ll hold those we place our trust in to carryout our agenda.

    Power has shifted away from the fights on capitols everywhere; it’s now moved to small communal gatherings that organize and convince their neighbors to join in national effort that is firmly based communally.

    So I’m itching for 2010. Let it come! Let it come. We must win & will win because we are what is best for the country – our primary efforts, must be those who are bold and driven by vision and chosen from the grassroots. Not those who are fearful of criticism and hedge and hedge and hedge and hedge….

    The future awaits!

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