An Open Note To David Plouffe

REMARKABLE (Update): Evidently criticism of Arianna is not permitted in Huffington Post comments. That is her right. It is her site. You will need to judge whether the statement below is so injurious that it warrants censorship. I posted this there in hopes it would get to the author of the column.

SECOND UPDATE (Wed. Afternoon) David Plouffe on John Stewart — a great appearance BTW — explained exactly what I have not really known. He had some serious need for down time after the election. A new child in particular. He said today that he expects the phone to ring and he will be back in the active Obama camp. That makes Tim Kaine a placeholder IMO. Unless the decision is to make OFA a separate entity and rev it up.  Another example of the virtue of patience and taking the longer view.

Dear David,

Good to see you taking Arianna to task. She has consistently used Obama as a whipping boy to promote a naive notion of liberalism. I applaud the following:


But I do wish you were more in the fray yourself. I have turned into a broken record on the subject. Obama needs you at the head of the Democratic Party, remoulding it. With all due respect to the OFA folk who have tried to take up the mantle, the results have been less than good.

The issue is not just organizing. It is strategy and framing the attack on the Republicans. We lucked out in NY 23 yesterday. Anything less would have put egg on our face big time.

Go into the Oval Office.  Say you are ready to take up the cudgel again. Send Tim Kaine to the Peace Corps or some other job for which he is suited. Bring some never-tested RFK-type moxie to the priogressive argument so it will not merely be a karmic dance with the hapless MSM.

In short take up your half of the job that was the campaign.

That is what is missing from your rejoinder to Ms. Huffington.


4 thoughts on “An Open Note To David Plouffe

  1. Rich, Mansfield, MA says:



    Thomas Friedman said it best.

    Obama has gotten caged back in the trees and has lost the forest. He needs to present all of his initiatives within the context of his overall vision (architecture), that is, how each initiative will contribute to changing the way that Washington works (and all hopefully all other levels of government in the US).

    On top of that he needs Plouffe or someone else to help him to maintain a map of the vision along with some sort of a true national mandate on each issue that can be held in front of legislators at all times. ……Something like a web site plebicite accompanied by a simple but true explanation of each an every major issue. The more visual, the better.

    The Financial Industry handed Obama a slap upside the head as an election present just to let him know who’s his daddy.

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