News & Comment — Will Netanyahu Tell The Truth?

Netanyahu should admit Israel doesn’t want peace.


An Israeli leader who speaks the truth will also free himself of international pressure. The world will understand that it is dealing with a deep, continuing recalcitrance over peace that no pressure can overcome, so the world will throw up its hands and surrender. Some of the Arabs will do the same. They will all know there is a North Korean leader in Jerusalem who is as stubborn as a mule, that most of his Israeli subjects don’t want the likes of him and don’t want change. The world, which has bought Israel’s web of lies and excuses, hasn’t opened its mouth. This includes Europe, which is incapable of coming to a single firm and courageous decision, and America, which dances to the drum of the Jewish lobby – they will also be happy to be relieved of this deceptive burden.

Because that is the truth. We don’t want peace. It’s as simple as that. It’s good for us to wallow in the current situation. There are no terrorist attacks so there are no Arabs. Life is a bowl of cherries, so why change? Society is comatose. It doesn’t object and doesn’t even ask, led like a flock of sheep, not asking why we need a freeze if at the same time more and more of its funds will be allocated to the settlements in huge quantities.


I think the above assessment from Haaretz is where we should begin to assess what it means that Israel is the largest recipient of US aid and what it means to be supporting a nation that wants none of our advice about what it should do.


Morning News & Comment — Will FOX Go Dark?

STANDOFF Will Fox Go Dark? Dispute with Time Warner comes to a head.


It’s no secret Murdoch wants to make money both online and on cable. He wants twide as much as most are prepared to pay. Many would exult if FOX went dark on Time Warner systems. I have a feeling this could blow up into a full scale public brouhaha. It has already started and failure to get the agreement by midnight could mean heavy recriminations tomorrow.


Morning News & Comment — Taliban Claims Responsibility for Blast

AFGHANISTAN:  Taliban Claims Responsibility for Blast


Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement that an Afghan National Army officer wearing a suicide vest entered the base and blew himself up inside the gym. A U.S. official who was briefed on Wednesday’s blast also said it took place in the gym.


I am coming to feel that we need to revise our understanding and suspend a military approach to the “war on terror”. What makes it a war is precisely that we are employing military means. The alternative is to reform our intelligence operations so they work. And to engage in joint missions with a clear invitation from the involved country.

Our stance needs to be that we do not seek military victories, we seek only to act with others to oppose specific hostile efforts.  And reserve the right to attack preemptively when we are attacked and can pinpoint the launch sites.

The sad truth is that Sherlock Holmes-level intelligence, aka  acumen, rather than overlapping bureaucracies,  is the only thing that will prevent things like the latest near miss over Detroit. And the sadder truth is that if such an attack succeeds, we will face a crisis similar to that which followed 9/11.

Had Bush adopted the policy I advocate then, we might we through the worst of it by now.  I think President Obama still has time to take this approach.

If the residual argument is that we need to aid the people and so forth, this should be done via the UN in cooperation with others.


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COMMENT ON: Up in the Air: Obama’s Terrorism Failure

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Another knee jerk reaction that betrays a misunderstanding of President Obama.

1. The president’s initial reaction to most anything has an air of calm that is easily interpreted as lackadaisical.

2. The steps taken after the Christmas close call were also typical. The president called for immediate review of the procedures and security provisions. Such calls are generally ignored by media or downplayed.

3. The next step is not yet. This care generally makes writers scratch their heads. Then when things do get done, they may grudgingly admit that the President has in fact operated sagely.

One can readily predict possible actions.

a) If he deems the failure one of administration, he may shake up the administration of “homeland security.”

b) He will probably come up with sensible measures and protections that have not generally been suggested — like flagging folk with only cash and no baggage for a serious vetting.


c) He will not segregate this experience from the wider narrative which includes Afghanistan. It may well be that our position in nations harboring terrorist training and operation launches will be more that of a an interested party willing to assist than a high-profile combatant.

The other side of the security issue has everything to do with appearances and high-profile combat does not appear to cut it anymore. Low profile support might.

pattern language

Components of New Settlements Ten — Modules (Introduction)


It’s revolutionary to think of a world where people live in pedestrian communities that offer most of the things one needs within walking distance: commerce, entertainment, spiritual outlets, health and education and so forth and so on. To make this happen, we need settlements that have a population of 5-10,000 in areas of roughly a mile square. These can be built anywhere where there is space. The U.S. Has less than 100 persons per square mile overall. We have the room.

It is revolutionary to have a settlement in which most energy results from recycling and generation of energy from the sun and wind. Only if the scale is large enough to permit full-bore attention to these matters will alternative energy be more than a chimera. What energy we need will come from within the settlement and be supplemented as necessary by the nation’s power grid.

As revolutionary as these things are, the most revolutionary change may prove to be a modular approach to life itself. Surely we have beginnings of this. But we do not have a system in which what used to be the automobile industry is now the module industry and one does not live in a room that is part of a house or a building that was built as a stand-alone dwelling.

No, one lives in a matrix or skeleton or frame of supporting arteries  in spaces that incoroirate modules which are fitted together in a manner quite similar to lego pieces. The proliferation of modules requires only that the components have a default means of connection. Any module should be able to fit into any shell or skeleton or matrix. We do not want Betamax VCR wars!

I shall have more to say about modules. But the first thing to grasp is that they are like cars. They are made wherever they are made and carried to wherever the settlement is. Furthermore if one moves from California to Louisiana, one has the option of taking one’s module along. Or of having another one just like it.


COMMENT ON: Lieberman: The United States Must Pre-Emptively Act In Yemen

Two points:

1. The hand-wringing over the President’s vacation and his need to cut it short cannot be rising from anything but yet another desire to paint him in a bad light. Give it a rest. He deserves one.

2. The model for future intervention should be to assist existing domestic forces in a country that needs help in rooting out terrorist training operations and centers. This has already been the case in Yemen. Lieberman seems to like the limelight.

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