COMMENT ON: He Said, They Said

He said, they said? No way.


Read the article I’m commenting on at HuffingtonPost

Depend on our media to dwell on a leaving date, deadline or whatever it is called. It’s a meaningless codeword that is as false as any effort to pin down an uncertain future.

“Despite the president’s commitment on Tuesday that a surge of US and international troops in Afghanistan would “allow us to begin the transfer of our forces out of Afghanistan in July of 2011,” that date is not a ‘drop dead deadline’–at least according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

What the President has done is simple and direct. He has stated his goals and the reasons for them. He has said this will be closely monitored. He has said if it does not work another strategy will need to be developed. The goals are not going away until they are fulfilled.

If media want to be relevant, they will discuss the goals and whether they make any sense. It is clear that the President does not intend to throw troops Vietnam-style ad infinitum until we leave tail between legs and call it victory. This is not he said she said — it is saying the same thing .


2 thoughts on “COMMENT ON: He Said, They Said

  1. stephencrose says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I see everything a s a spectrum — and I do mean everything. Cheers, S

  2. blessedbriliant says:

    Presidents are like women, they have a right to change their mind whenever. But I agree on a few points: we must set goals and achieve them, we cannot cut and run nor can we be an occupational force. I believe it serves as encouragement to troops to know that we’re not expecting them to stay forever.

    While you note to compare this war with that of fascism, please not that other countries met our force with respectable numbers. We weren’t the first to put boots and bullets in a foreign land, we can in near the end as we watched Europe burn and crumble.

    I would love to see this come to an end as I’m sure you do. This guy Terrance has a blog and always laments at how we need to get out of this because it is a Pashtun issue and we cannot resolve the social/government issues which give the Taliban solace. I agree with him too. I don’t see an easy way…

    But like I said, what do I know. I was a business major who sat back and played strategy games… its funny but the one thing that was always consistent in all of those games was if you attacked the income of your enemy they’d crumble. The Taliban/Al-Qeida went after the twin-towers as both a symbol and an monetary attack.

    I know we can’t napalm the fields nor use phosphorus rockets in the mountains because the people need the land and the untold human casualties will make Vietnam look like a Israeli attack on the West Bank. But something must be done… I’m not smart enough to know what nor do I have the ear of anyone who is or even those making these kinds of decisions.

    What I do know is that this country is not galvanized behind this war. What I do know is that a large reason they won’t come together is because it is a black president who is not a “war-time” president as his predecessor. What I know is that winning the Noble Peace prize has put an even heavier burden on this man to resolve an issue of violence and tyranny through a equally measure of force. For we know, “in times of peace one must be ready for war” [I forgot who said it].

    I’m glad we had this chance… I still follow you. You intrigue me with your points of view. Glad we had this discussion.

    Peace and Blessings

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