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Rebuilding Haiti

I have no doubt the US will help rebuild Haiti.

My deepest prayer would be that we would follow the principles I have advocated for many years, with no apparent interest from virtually anyone.

The reason is that what I am advocating would be able to withstand earthquakes.

I have always assumed that the communities I have suggested would be built with specific attention to the weather potentialities of the areas where they are located.

The image I have of the sort of settlements we could build is of a stadium like structure that is not anchored to the earth so that when a quake hits it would shatter. No, it would essentially float.

There would be nothing more depressing following this disaster to see the recreation of structures that are vulnerable to future quakes. The fault that bedevils Haiti is no different from the San Andreas fault. It stretches in the direction of Jamaica.

I hope any who read this and who have interest in what ought to be the way the whole world builds in the future will investigate the considerable resources on this site for considering what can be done.



One thought on “Rebuilding Haiti

  1. S. Morgan says:

    AN example is the gravel drain. My late father was a Civil Engineer, and one article I read in one of his ASCE Journal’s was the use of gravel drains to mitigate soil liquification which is one of the major causes of building/structure damage during an earthquake. The Univ. of Washington Civil Engineering web site has more information on this technology. It was first proposed by Prof. Sneed in the U.S., and the first actual application was in a port in Northern Japan. The damage to the Port au Prince port facilities could possibly been adverted if this had been in place.

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