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COMMENT ON: The ‘Real Unemployment’ Needs Real Solutions

1. We will not have the jobs we need until we decide to become the society we can be.

2. China may be a problem but it is unrealistic to believe that we will solve our problem by trying to tell China how to behave.

3. The current infrastructure should be radically altered insofar as it is based on the idea that we will always have more cars and more and more single family dwellings dispersed over the land. This is a recipe for decline.

The US has an average population density of under 100 per square mile. This frustrates the creation of economically viable communities. Cities are five times more energy efficient than metrosprawl.

We need to reshape things to achieve adequate residential densities, walkable neighborhoods, and a rescaling of things so that people can work near where they live..

Jobs of the future will emerge naturally if we decide to reshape our automobile-dependent society, rewarding the creation of economically-viable neighborhoods with a population of up to 10,000 per square mile and the ability to walk to the places one needs for work, play and sustenance.

This will require a zoning revolution.

Detroit should be making the modular elements of new communities instead of more cars.

China, incidentally, has ecoblocks. We have nothing of the sort. Yet.

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2 thoughts on “COMMENT ON: The ‘Real Unemployment’ Needs Real Solutions

  1. stephencrose says:

    I am not advocating draconian removal save perhaps on the Tobin Bridge.. Merely a policy in the directions I suggest. Many people would welcome more proximity to their workplace, more integration of the elements of life within walking distance, etc. The horse went gradually. So will the private car. Someone has to think ahead. Cheers, S

  2. There’s no logic in your assertion. Removing the automobile will not in any way create jobs. Indeed, it would destroy jobs and stifle employment in the long run since it would tie people to their own neighborhoods.

    Mobility is essential for jobs unless one is willing to enact draconian population controls so that population density in the ghettos you wish to create doesn’t outstrip the avialable jobs and resources.

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