Reconciliation May Well Happen After All

UPDATE: I lost all manner of Twitter followers for posting this. I guess the bilious anger out there is real. Blend of media mindlessness, false narrative and where is David Plouffe when you need him?

Back in August, 2009, I wrote the following:

When all is said and done, if we have to go to reconciliation, we will do so to get the public option. But then people will have a very good idea why. And they will reward the perps who try to defeat it accordingly.

In 2010 the laws of the past may well change. The voters will reward those who hung in with the man they elected in 2008.

I still believe that this is a possible scenario. The Republicans were never going to do anything but obstruct. And through an amazingly inept Democratic performance in Massachusetts, this truth has been underlined.

I have always believed that we needed David Plouffe at the very helm of the Obama political operation and I believe that still. But this has gone unheeded.

So here is how this goes down. We do not do the onerous things in the Senate bill. We do what the House says we do and we pass it in the Senate with a simple majority.

I used to think that the Obama folk realized that this was the likely outcome and were playing a highly sophisticated political game. Now I am not so sure.

Regardless, any effort to allow the Senate Bill with its deleterious compromises and special interest side deals to somehow sneak through before Mr. New Massachusetts Senator arrives, will merely stoke up anger for the midterm elections.

Let the Senate pass what the House decides with a simple majority. And let the committees that must fall in line do so.

I do NOT concede that the President is wrong to seek bipartisan support, but I do concede that without Plouffe we have operated at half strength. And this has been close to intolerable. History should note it.

It is time for the right reconciliation. It is not far from what is in the House bill.


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