The Rev. James H. Robinson Should Have a Wikipedia Entry

There is a Wikipedia entry for a Union Civil War soldier named James H. Robinson.

There is NO Wikipedia entry for The Rev. James H, Robinson. This is sad indeed. There are no Wikipedia pages for a number of the persons I seek to somehow memorialize on this site.

My modest investigations tell me that the best way to get a biography there is to have a Webmaster who is connected. For those like Rev. Robinson who are long gone this is impossible. And for folk like myself who work solo there is no connected Webmaster.

So this is bread on the waters. The Rev. James H. Robinson should at least be noted on the James. H. Robinson page so people who rely on Wikipedia will know he is at least “heard of”.

Here is my main page on the Rev. James H. Robinson with a number of salient comments from people who share my view of his importance:



2 thoughts on “The Rev. James H. Robinson Should Have a Wikipedia Entry

  1. stephencrose says:

    I went in today and started. Then saw you had done it which I most appreciate.

    I will add things as time permits. If I have a problem I will consult. It is well worth learning. Just now I cannot locate his date of death I have his biography and I assume others will help along the way.

    Here are three references I found today, one to a divorce that I did not know about and which Is not alluded to in the biography, though his marriage is.

    Again I most appreciate your help.

  2. davidlrattigan says:

    There is no reason why you can’t add an article yourself, as long as you can source the content reliably. I have done the same with hundreds of minor figures I felt should be represented there. The only barrier would be if it was purely your original research, with no sources to back it up.

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