My State of The Union

1. The Union is a union in spite of everything. It is stronger than its critics and would be destroyers on all sides and in all places.

2. We will not have any meaningful fiscal discipline until we lift the exemption on military spending as a protected enclave.

3. Paul Krugman and many other fellow travellers will have occasion to praise the President for how he deals with his unfortunate use of the term freeze.

4. Keith Olbermann would be better advised to go back to an occasional long comments than stick with a plethora of short ones. Hubris despises quantity. Take it from one who knows.

5. The nation would not respond negatively to adding the prison-industrial complex to the State of the Union laundry list.

6.  A year from now more of you will not be here than has ever been the case following a midterm election. Goodbye and good luck.

7. We intend to pass health care reform with a series of acts that will be crystal clear in their intent and very hard for anyone with a brain to oppose without looking very foolish and becoming unelectable.

8. All who care about real economic recovery and future prosperity would be well-advised to learn all they can about the ideas behind Christopher Alexander’s pattern language.

Please add your state of the union statements as comments.


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