music, theology

“Closer To You” An Original Hymn


664.6664 as in “Come Thou Almighty King”

Draw us closer to You
In everything we do
Banish our fear
Stretch out Your healing hand
Help us to understand
Why we are called to stand
Ever more near

Coming closer we know
What lies past this world’s show
Not vanities
Light shining ever true
Voice saying, I love you
Spirit like morning dew
Bringing us peace

Make us close in all ways
In all we think and say
Keep our tongues from
Kindling hurtful flames
And speaking hurtful names
And placing unjust blame
Oh, closer come!

And now closer we are
Receive our trembling hearts
Make them anew
Only as You prevail
Will grace rule without fail
Making us fit to sail
Closer to You

c Copyright 1995 by Stephen C. Rose [100%]
Licensed to CCLI/LicenSing


Three Interviews with Dorothy Day on Christopher Closeup (YouTube)


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