In the Near Future: A Groundswell To Insert The Public Option

This is what the next month or six weeks holds. It’s a guess, but from someone who has consistently said that health care would be passed by reconciliation and that it would include a public option.

How this will happen is that there will be such a groundswell for the public option that it will be seen as the most popular element of reform and one that no Republican or Democrat will be willing to reject on pain of losing in 2010.

It will be included on the reconciliation portion of the bill.

The Republicans will be further boxed in and this could mean that some of them will actually break ranks and vote for the final bill.

The result will be to discount the Republican strategy of NO and to give the Democrats the experience and backbone to start getting the Obama agenda done.

There is much more to the Obama agenda. It is a thoughtful and largely centrist program of needed changes. Its underlying element is education and a comprehensive upgrading of all gpvernmental functions to create a leaner and more effective and more admirable national performance.


2 thoughts on “In the Near Future: A Groundswell To Insert The Public Option

  1. stephencrose says:

    Despite my strong support of the President, I have never
    managed to make any real contact in well over a year of effort.

    Generally, I believe that what I write does represent a strand
    reality that somehow finds its way into the results we get. For
    example I knew we would go to reconciliation last summer. Many
    others did too.

    Perhaps being connected in some significant way would be
    the exact wrong way to have impact. Look at the people on the
    inside and ask yourself if you have more or less influence than they.

    I appreciate your comment! Cheers, S

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