From “Abba’s Way” — On The Despisers of the Body

“On The Despisers of the Body*

If you despise your body please hear this
Without your body you would not be you
Are soul and body one yes one it is
It is the body that lets soul come through
Awake to all that is your body now
Within your body sense and reason live
The spirit ranges from toe tip to brow
Body and soul they are a single gift
Your body is the home of being itself
Whose reason exceeds your imagined store

Allow your mind to wander yes to delve
Then day by day you will know more and more
Your spirit and your body they are one

Despisers of the body will not hear
Still Abba speaks good news a new day comes
One day our wholeness will be crystal clear

From “Abba’s Way”


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