COMMENT ON: Gibbs Fires Back At Chief Justice Roberts Over Obama Criticism

Justice Rpberts is clearly not content to let well enough alone. If the President treaded in an unseemly way by calling out the Court in his State of the Union. the Chief Justice has every right to yeil back all he wants. But when the substance of the yell is that the president is unseemly, one can only laugh. It is the Chief Justice who is being unseemly by dragging the court even deeper into disrepute. The partisan nature of the Chief Justice is in full view. I suspect he may have been counselled by the usual suspects.

It is more and more obvious that the Obama Presidency, to achieve long term objectives, needs a solid eight years and a Congress that will stand up to the Court and enact the Obama agenda. The next months should be devoted to finding decent candidates to run against the folk in Congress who helped to ensure the Court’s conservative (I would say radical and pre-totalitarian) majority.

This conflict is not new. Check out FDR’s relationship with the Court. Reform is hard won in this country but well worth the battle.

Read the Article this comment refers to at Huffington Post


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