COMMENT ON: Reform Déjà Vu: Democrats Follow Failed Health Care Strategy and Preemptively Surrender on Consumer Financial Protection Agency

The President goes as far as he can go. He suggests cogently that elections exist for the purpose of purging the Congress of recalcitrants and naysayers.

I am sure he will do the same for financial reform as for health reform. He will go as far as he can go.

2010 is the second act of an eight-year change scenario. Either the electorate will get the message and we will become a 21st Century nation, or the electorate will cave.

My money is on a hard-won progressive victory. Including eventual passage of a public option and eventual creation of independent regulation of our rogue banking industry.

Meanwhile, watch for more executive orders to do what a cowardly Congress will not do. And continue to at least slightly modify misplaced blame of the President.

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COMMENT ON: Bill Halter Running For Arkansas Senate: Progressive Democrat To Challenge Blanche Lincoln

The comments I’ve read so far, if they are representative, are good news for the replacement of Blue Dogs by progressives. We badly need this movement. I wonder if the move in Arkansas will stimulate Sen. Lincoln to positive action now so she can say she was with the progressives when it counted.

Regardless, progressive challenges to Blue Dogs should be where it’s at in 2010. And hopefully will be.

If the GOP continues as the party of NO, there’s NO telling who will win, despite the media disposition to dream of a GOP landslide.

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