Combating Idolatry

The root value of all values is to have no others that you serve than Abba – the universal name for the One who is in everyone. Here are some notes on idolatry and how to combat it.

Abba’s Way – Table Talk

Some notes on non-idolatry.
Abba’s Way Four Steps – Four

Abba’s Way Four Steps – Four. The final step is embracing the four universal values of Abba’s way: non-idolatry, helpfulness, tolerance and democracy. These are dynamic values distinct from virtues and characteristics. They are essential to survival.
Non-idolatry and the Unprecedented

Non-idolatry expresses as a value – ontological, core – the command that one have no other gods before the one Jesus called Abba. Practically this achieves the goal of pragmaticism which is to establish our universal fallibility.

2 thoughts on “Combating Idolatry

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