Three Metaphysical Poems

In Peirce there is no lopping off of metaphysics from scientific investigation. In fact most of Peirce can be seen as a starting effort to bring all philosophy into harmony with the methods of science and the primacy of experience.

Here in the spirit of Peirce are three recent metaphysical poems:

Predestined Impulse

Predestined Impulse. A poetic exploration of the vagaries of the mind.
Pity the Poor Phaneron

Pity The Poor Phaneron. My dad was born a year after Peirce gave his lecture on phaneroscopy quoted here. It has taken a century for Pierce to be reborn and he is very young now.
A Solitary Place to Speak to Abba

A Solitary Place To Speak To Abba. Jesus when he prayed is said to have gone to a solitary place.

Five Reflections on Jennifer Aniston

I have always liked Jennifer Aniston. In a culture of edges and vitriol, she creates a bit of space for one who prefer straight-out comedy to violence and faux tragedy,

Here are five reflections on Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston on Life and Love

“I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That is special.” – Jennifer Aniston.
Jennifer Aniston Talks About Her Latest Film “The Switch” in Video

Abba’s Way. People. Video. “Jennifer Aniston Talks About Her Latest Film “The Switch” in Video.”
Jennifer Aniston Will Never Be the Mother of My Children – Free Verse

Jennifer Aniston will never be the mother of my children – Free Verse
Where is Jennifer Aniston Headed? Try, “To Make a Dozen More Movies.”

Abba’s Way. Movies. Where Is Jennifer Aniston Headed? Try, “To Make A Dozen More Movies.”
Aniston Retard Remark

Jennifer Aniston Retard Remark Directed at Herself Why Take Offense. The moral commentariat will slice and dice all public statements, so button your lip and behave.

Three Van Der Sloot Poems

The verse noted below was one approach to dealing with the person of Joran van der Sloot.

The two final poems below are written in the first person – in the imagined voice of van der Sloot.

I have not been engaged with this for a while. Here is the latest news:

Ramirez – Crime & Courts, Joran van der Sloot : “The Dutchman, 23, will try for a reduced sentence using the ‘violent emotion’ defense, his lawyer, Maximo Altez, told The Associated Press.

The lawyer argues that Van der Sloot killed Ramirez on May 30 after becoming enraged when he realized she had looked at his laptop and learned of his connection to missing American teen Natalee Holloway, who disappeared from the island of Aruba in 2005.”


These are from an earlier period in his imprisonment in Peru.

Obama Van Der Sloot

Barack Obama Joran van der Sloot – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
This was my first poem about van der Sloot:
Joran Van Der Sloot Contemplates His Options (Exclusive)

More ink will be spilled on Joran van der Sloot than on the ongoing plight of children round the world.
And the second:
Joran Van Der Sloot.Poetry

Joran Van Der Sloot. Imprisoned. Forgetting. Bravado. Poetry. Imprisoned and the process of forgetting is in progress. The prisoner reflects on his former bravado.

4 Posts on Jesus and Miracles

Jesus is said to have done miracles. But note he also refused to do miracles. He told Satan he would not do the two feats Satan demanded – turning stones to bread and surviving a great leap from the heights.

The miracles Jesus did were celebratory and sharing miracles. Designed to heal and mend us. These posts take up that theme.

Jesus Miracle Scam

Jesus Miracle Scam. More ink has been spilled on the Jesus miracles to less advantage than on almost any subject. The truth is that Jesus so-called miracles point the way for all humankind. They are about making the world and heaven the same.


Jesus’s Miracles Were of Healing and Feeding — Things We Can Do If We so Choose

Jesus did not seek religion in his name. That was the invention of St. Paul. That was what became the easy choice. That was to avoid what Jesus said.
The Miracles He Wrought Were Grasped with Joy — the Way of Abba

The miracles he wrought were grasped with joy — The Way of Abba. The scandal of Jesus miracles was that they were done by a human being and we continue to perform such miracles every day.
Jesus Temptations Dostoevsky Style

What Were The Temptations of Jesus? Dostoevsky called them mystery, miracle and authority
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4 Posts on Food Safety

These posts will not save you from the dangers of random poisoning and other mishaps that accompany the ingestion of food as an inevitable consquence of our need for nourishment. But they do carry a warning or two.

In a world going global, food safety requires regulation. In a world awash in oil, we need to think about the relation of food and energy

Radiated Food

Mildred Purse goes for the grit in the headlines, far beyond the typical news-gatherer’s ken. She finds this disturbing piece of important information and thanks Abba that Greenpeace is keeping us honest while everyone else lies.
Suicide Is Many Faceted Take Processed Foods – Senryu with Slides

We eat processed food With unknown ingredients The death rate rises And our dear government subsidizes junk food producers
Obama Puts Teeth in Food Safety

Obama Puts Teeth in Food Safety – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
In My World There is No Fast Food

June 7, 2010
“Howl” spoke of the destruction of the best minds of our generation. No Fast Foods
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Four Posts on Marriage

As the world looks over the shoulders of royalty in London, marriage remains the basis for much of the world’s self-understanding.

The four posts below reflect on the institution from several perspectives.

Marriage Values

Marriage Woes – Quatrain. Marriage woes are not inevitable but it takes a large dose of maturity to know the values that can sustain a relationship through thick and thin.
Marriage Agape Shakespeare

Marriage Agape Shakespeare – Some Prosaic Comments
Marriage Feast

Marriage Feast Parable – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
Marriage and Child

What can be said of marriage and the child – Free Verse by Stephen C. Rose
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3 Tornado Security Posts

Maybe I am naive but I cannot believe that my ideas for construction of future cyber-cities are not relevant to tornado security.

I know that valley building is no protection against a tornado. But I do know that areas in some danger can be protected by the inclusion of underground spaces that are accessible to all residents with ease and where all buildings can be protected to some extent at least.

After you look at one of more of these three posts, please search “after green” on my YAC profile page if you are interested.

Tornado Security Formula

Starting from scratch is nothing. We do it every year with cars. All we need to do is get our minds around it.
If We Built as I Suggest Tornadoes Would Be Toast Slide Show

Car free cities would look somewhat like Pueblo areas but would be high tech and unite living (residence) work (vocations) recreation (entertainment and sports) and commerce (kiosk shopping)
If We Built as I Suggest Tornadoes Would Be Toast

If We Built As I Suggest Tornadoes Would Be Toast – Pattern Language Prose by Stephen C. Rose