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Limits of The Binary

Triadic thinking is hardly nes. Both Kant and Hegel thought in threes. But Charles Sanders Peirce is spent almost his entire life elaborating on firsts, seconds and thirds. And I believe his work will come to fruition in the millenium now unfolding, moving us beyond what might be called the binary culture.

The posts below may help stimulate thought on the subject.

When Will a Binary Film Think in Threes?

When Will A Binary Film Think in Threes? We will know the age of Peirce has dawned when binary films and binary living gives way to thinking based on threes.


If there Was No More War

Still old men send young to do their ill-conceived bidding. Thought still refuses to step past the binary. Liquid society seems to stifle coherent movement. The music of gadgets is games then silence.Hell remains mostly concealed until it touches us.
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Charity and Capitalism

The two posts below get to a favorite topic. The link between charity and capitalism. Thought starters mainly.

Naked Charity

Naked Charity. Charity (Philanthropy) and Capitalism Are A Lethal Brew Creating Global Triage, Pity-Based Values and Hypocrisy-Based Morality. The Greg Mortenson story is just the same old-same old that persists till eyes are opened


After Green – Moribund Capitalists

An After Green thought-starter. United States capitalism is largely unresponsive to the imperative to move to a post-oil, post-automobile economy.

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Links to various poems, meditations and thoughts.

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Sarah Palin. Vanity Fair. 

Poetic Meditation 

Abba's Way - Poetic Meditation  

Poetic Meditation Lord's Prayer

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Contrarian career counseling  

Aristotle Ethics 

Wandering requires no movement whatsoever
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Loving Lady Gaga and Other Posts

Earnest and centered and disciplined are the first three adjectives that pop into my mind as I consider a 25-year-old who strikes me as wise beyond her years. I do not believe in life stages and feel our entire world is escaping the straitjackets of past definitions. I think the good Lady understands this and simply does what anyone else in synch with unfolding reality does.

Here are the very first posts I did relating to this emerging phenomenon.

Gaga Java Video

Abba’s Way. Table Talk. Music. “Lady Gaga’s Cool Java Song (Video).”
Most Searched: Lady Gaga or Sarah Palin?

I was floored. Lady Gaga wins hands down. It isn’t even close.
Why I Love Lady Gaga Updated

Why I Love Lady Gaga Updated May 12, 2011
How Gullible the Lady Gaga Public — a Cone Bra and the Web Will Do the Trick

If you can get your mind around the body’s aesthetic appeal, can you also get your mind around how a cone bra would enhance it?
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More Lady Gaga Posts

Lady Gaga is as much a new phenomenon as Facebook. And the zeitgeist is not that different between the two. Both deal with the changing face of community in today’s world. We are moving toward entirely new definitions that move from blood and ethnicity toward common values and aesthetics.

Here is a small collection of posts I’ve done over the last several months regarding Lady Gaga.

Mildred Purse subjects Charlie Sheen to the four rhetorical anchors of most poetry.

Mildred has a massive fund of knowledge which she willingly shares with all who will listen. She shuns celebrity and sees Lady Gaga as her channel for proper celebrity behavior. She says look beneath the surface and you will find a person who thinks.
Gaga, Michael, Queen

Lady Gaga Michael Jackson and the Queen – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
Lady Gaga: Her Diet and Mine. Hot Stuff

Lady Gaga: Her Diet and Mine. Hot Stuff. Everything from coconuts to turkey with some hummus and rice thrown in.
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Lady Gaga Gagarama

Lady Gaga hatches new album, to mixed reviews – Yahoo! News: “True to her social media-friendly form, the 25-year-old is releasing ‘Born this Way’ in unconventional style by posting some songs on online social game Farmville ahead of Monday’s launch, as well as other singles already issued.”

And here are a selection of takes on the good lady that suggest the nature and scope of her impact.

To which I say, Bon Voyage!

Obama Should Send Lady Gaga on A Peace Mission

Another blast of hard truth from the Mildred Purse Group, veracity you can take to the bank
Mildred Purse Says Lady Gaga Could Be President

Ever astute politically, Mildred Purse argues that Lady Gaga is stronger than any of the GOP field, announced or in waiting, and that she alone could beat President Obama in 2012.
Lady Gaga Anti-Palin

Lady Gaga Is The Anti-Palin. Lady Gaga followed up her VMA appearance service fold who left or were bounced over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with a great Tweet. She’s the Anti-Palin.
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Three Analytical Mel Gibson Posts and a Note on His Current Film

Mel Gibson delivers melancholy performance in ‘The Beaver’: “Mel Gibson’s private life hangs like a specter over the early scenes in ‘The Beaver.’
But rather quickly, the story of a deeply depressed husband, father and businessman tips the scales, and you begin seeing troubled Walter Black instead of troubled Mel Gibson.”
Finally a Serious Take on Mel Gibson

It is hard to feel sympathy, but everyone deserves a chance to start over. Table Talk. Short Form.
Is this guy cruising for a mega-fall or does he have an excuse or should we care?
Web’s Prurient Pursuit of Mel Gibson

This Quadpome finds the Web’s interest in Mel Gibson and other celebs beyond prurient