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Lady Gaga Gagarama

Lady Gaga hatches new album, to mixed reviews – Yahoo! News: “True to her social media-friendly form, the 25-year-old is releasing ‘Born this Way’ in unconventional style by posting some songs on online social game Farmville ahead of Monday’s launch, as well as other singles already issued.”

And here are a selection of takes on the good lady that suggest the nature and scope of her impact.

To which I say, Bon Voyage!

Obama Should Send Lady Gaga on A Peace Mission

Another blast of hard truth from the Mildred Purse Group, veracity you can take to the bank
Mildred Purse Says Lady Gaga Could Be President

Ever astute politically, Mildred Purse argues that Lady Gaga is stronger than any of the GOP field, announced or in waiting, and that she alone could beat President Obama in 2012.
Lady Gaga Anti-Palin

Lady Gaga Is The Anti-Palin. Lady Gaga followed up her VMA appearance service fold who left or were bounced over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with a great Tweet. She’s the Anti-Palin.

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