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Loving Lady Gaga and Other Posts

Earnest and centered and disciplined are the first three adjectives that pop into my mind as I consider a 25-year-old who strikes me as wise beyond her years. I do not believe in life stages and feel our entire world is escaping the straitjackets of past definitions. I think the good Lady understands this and simply does what anyone else in synch with unfolding reality does.

Here are the very first posts I did relating to this emerging phenomenon.

Gaga Java Video

Abba’s Way. Table Talk. Music. “Lady Gaga’s Cool Java Song (Video).”
Most Searched: Lady Gaga or Sarah Palin?

I was floored. Lady Gaga wins hands down. It isn’t even close.
Why I Love Lady Gaga Updated

Why I Love Lady Gaga Updated May 12, 2011
How Gullible the Lady Gaga Public — a Cone Bra and the Web Will Do the Trick

If you can get your mind around the body’s aesthetic appeal, can you also get your mind around how a cone bra would enhance it?

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