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Limits of The Binary

Triadic thinking is hardly nes. Both Kant and Hegel thought in threes. But Charles Sanders Peirce is spent almost his entire life elaborating on firsts, seconds and thirds. And I believe his work will come to fruition in the millenium now unfolding, moving us beyond what might be called the binary culture.

The posts below may help stimulate thought on the subject.

When Will a Binary Film Think in Threes?

When Will A Binary Film Think in Threes? We will know the age of Peirce has dawned when binary films and binary living gives way to thinking based on threes.


If there Was No More War

Still old men send young to do their ill-conceived bidding. Thought still refuses to step past the binary. Liquid society seems to stifle coherent movement. The music of gadgets is games then silence.Hell remains mostly concealed until it touches us.

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