abba's way

Gadgets, Escapism and the Macro World

Gadgets, escapism and the macro world is a triad of significance.

I think it must be a stage and the younger generation – the ones who will be adults around 2020 or so – will want to apply what we know of reality from gadgets to the macro world of social organization, buildings and efficiency.

This  is the disconnect addressed in the following brief posts:

If there Was No More War

Still old men send young to do their ill-conceived bidding. Thought still refuses to step past the binary. Liquid society seems to stifle coherent movement. The music of gadgets is games then silence.Hell remains mostly concealed until it touches us.
Micro to Macro

Now That Gadgets Rule What of The Home? – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. I keep wondering when micro things will move to macro things, whether pocket things will move to infrastructure things..

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