abba's way

Amid the current confusion is there any hope of sanity?

I have spent the day gathering the shards of our broken and disfunctional society and seeing if I can put anything together that actually tells us everything will turn out OK. The people who run things in NYC – Wall Street types – seem to think there will be no suspension of government. Whether they are overestimating the intelligence of the GOP is another question. It seems to come down to how much the GOP is willing to sacrifice to beat Obama.  And, as I say that, I know that, if the GOP stonewalls to the point of a shut-down, they will be just as defeated as they appear to be now. The sad thing is that there seems to be no GOP percentage in being patriotic and decent. The only thing Obama can do from now on is play hardball and see what gives, if anything. You can read more of all this at the link below.

via Sad Recession Images, Shaky Social Security, Jon Stewart, More GOP Perfidy, McCain – Associated Content from Yahoo! –


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