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Economic recovery beyond sprawl, racism and climate change denial

A viable economy is integral and integrated

That is how you create local jobs

A viable economy will be cyber connected

Work does not require a long commute

A viable economy will spawn myriad new occupations

all keyed to new communities that are

car free and walkable

These communities will contain education and recreation

dwellings and places to purchase things from anywhere in the world

Squares with seating and snacks every few hundred feet

A recovery of public space

and face to face

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Stephen Curtiss Rose

Kiva is part of a new pattern language. It is an alternative to “charity”.

With Kiva you lend any amount — I generally lend $25 — to anyone anywhere in the world and she or he uses the money to set up or improve a small business. My $25 is added to other loans to make up a total of $1000 more or less — enough to enable a good business move in Peru, Ukraine, Ghana or wherever you elect to send your loan.

Now these loans, unlike charitable gifts, are repaid. This means that, for almost every $25 I loan, I get back $25. When I lend it again I get back another $25. This means that as fast as loans are repaid, you can duplicate them. I now have made over 200 loans. A very modest initial effort rolls right along and amounts to something over time.


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GOP Wants to Subject Us To Oligarchical Rule

Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

Security officials and members of both parties in Congress have sharply criticized leaks about classified operations under Mr. Obama, as well as briefings for reporters on the Bin Laden raid and assistance to filmmakers making a movie about the operation. But the administration has also overseen an unprecedented number of prosecutions for disclosures to the press, and in June, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. directed two United States attorneys to investigate recent leaks discussed in the Opsec video

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The GOP is grasping at straws in a sad effort to distract us from their true objective which is the subjection of the American people to oligarchical rule by a government controlled by a compliant Supreme Court a corrupt Congress and a puppet President. Sorry but no thanks.

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The Pattern Language Collection Why The Housing Crisis Is Not Over

The Pattern Language Collection.

The detached home will be less and less a staple of community design. We need integral communities where everyone can walk to what they need, work, education, play, residence.

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ShortFormContent Recent Tweets #ryanfails

Recent Tweets Mostly #ryanfails 10:21 AM ET 2012 | ShortFormContent at Blogger.

Paul Ryan has mesmerized the media because intelligence is so lacking in Congress that its appearance alone induces interest. But Paul Ryan is if anything a more facile and worse liar than Romney. He has virtually no explanations for his draconian budget and his criticism of Obama is a lie whole cloth. This page of tweets is a good introduction to Ryan as an apostle of untruth.

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Replacing The Car Is A Tumblr Blog and a Kindle Book

Replacing The Car.

In my effort to get my ideas out I have created blog posts over time and morphed them into short Kindle books that sell for a few dollars and have the merit of introducing notions that may be far from the thinking of most readers. I naturally hope they become more common. This blog has the merit of getting indexed on search engines so it is possible that some may be led here, The book itself need cost nothing if one has a Kindle and belongs to Amazon Select. I believe it can also be borrowed which in fact reimburses the author more than a royalty would. The main point is to underline my main thesis. That we are engaged in a global struggle to defeat sprawl and the car as the default means of transportation. I am not holding my breath. You would be amazed at the progress this idea has made in the last 50 years.

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Romney-Ryan Offer No Pathway to Self Reliance

More than three-fifths of the cuts proposed by Mr. Ryan come from programs for low-income Americans. These cuts are so severe that the nation’s Catholic bishops protested the proposal as failing to meet society’s moral obligations, saying the plans “will hurt hungry children, poor families, vulnerable seniors.”

To Mr. Ryan, the poor will benefit when they no longer rely on government handouts. But his plans contain no pathway to self-reliance for the tens of millions of people who are either poor, unemployed or uninsured. In his world, they will be entirely on their own, or will rely on charity.

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Taking away without giving. Democrats have struggled for years to create a pathway and  have done no better. We have a sprawl-prison-car-enslaved nation. The answer lies in radical social change that can only happen when we have rid Congress of its most deleterious members. Then we can legislate to create car-free communities that build diversity into their fabric based on people’s aspirations and desires. Defeating  sprawl society and its policies and presuppositions is the agenda.