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My Cafepress Drinkware with Original Art

My Cafepress Drinkware.

Flask with original art

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Sooner or later we will all be monetizing ourselves on the Web. Such arrangements as this will be omnipresent and refined. Everyone will be able to produce something real and use virtual means to market it. I plan to experiment to see what works. This is part of that experiment.

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Obama Is Making Homes Affordable

Making Home Affordable has been extended!

In an effort to enable more struggling homeowners to take advantage of the Making Home Affordable Program ®, we have extended the application deadline of the program to December 31, 2013. We’ve also expanded the eligibility criteria for MHA to be able to offer assistance to more struggling homeowners.

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 President Obama created and extended the Making Home Affordable home refinancing plan.

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The Romney-Ryan Debacle

It’s no wonder that Mr. Romney does not want to take full responsibility for his running mate’s ideas. Mr. Romney hasn’t issued a real budget plan and appears to have no interest in doing so before the election, perhaps for fear that voters might realize how little they would like it. Mr. Ryan, on the other hand, has assembled two spending plans, both of which were passed by the House. While the country is fortunate they were never enacted, they reveal Republican priorities in a way that Mr. Romney up to now has avoided.

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NYT says Ryan-Romney have no interest in revealing damaging cuts in their draconian plan for America.

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With G.O.P. Ticket Complete, Crowds Swell –

Maui YankeeMakawao, Hawaii

With Ayn Ryan campaigning against the deep evil of deficits, perhaps a look at Slasher’s record might be appropriate.

As a Bush Apparatchik, Ryan has:

Voted for TARP

Voted for deficit inducing tax cuts

Voted for unfunded wars

Voted for unfunded Medicare Plan D

Mendacious Mitt and Hypocrite Paul

Romney/Ryan/Rand 2012

Swimming Back to the Titanic

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My Kindle Quotes

My Kindle Quotes.

During the 1970s, when the prospects for movement in the US were less than optimal, I turned the Gospel of Mark into a series of simple folk lyrics, set to easily learned melodies. It was called “The Sung Gospel of Mark”. Luckily, this was not done in a vacuum.

(Source: valuesandthefuture)