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Thoughts on Privacy

The only absolute privacy is a thought you have not shared.


Sharing thoughts and ideas is the first breach of privacy.

Intentionally spreading information sacrifices much if not 
all privacy.

Privacy is largely a fantasy.

The best protection against harm is to lead a caring and careful life.

Pride is the enemy of privacy.

Even when privacy is among intimates it is not truly private.

The only privacy is one that is unexpressed.

Privacy and solitude are similar but not the same.

Society is inherently public.

Privacy in society is an illusion.

Triadic Philosphy sees all action as social.

Doing something alone and in private is a social convention.

Our macro-environment expresses our attitude to privacy.

Privacy is an illusory commercial product.

Secrecy is an expensive effort to counter reality.

The rejection of ethics accompanies the illusion of privacy.

An ethical life makes public life possible.

Privacy is not the same thing as secrecy.

Secrecy is as illusory as privacy.

Secrecy is inherent in the construction of power.

Power is the forbidden fruit of the unethical will.

Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms eBook: Stephen C. Rose: Kindle Store


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