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Triadic Philosophy abhors hype. It keeps on.

Triadic Philosophy abhors hype. It keeps on.

Hype is the product of a binary culture whose nature is predatory.

Predatory is either win or lose, life or death. Conflict is all.

Predatory is the culture we have known since consciousness existed.

Predatory characteristics can only be overcome by thought.

Only thought can defeat the predatory urge.

Predatory urges only see two sides to anything.

The Superbowl is the apex of the predatory.

Humor functions in large part to diminish the reality of the predatory urges.

The predatory impulse lies within every living creature.

Predatory impulses are initially a natural response to assumed threat.

When the natural human defense against threat becomes social and culture it encourages a binary world to emerge.

A binary world sees threat as synonymous with reality.

All institutions tend to accept thje binary understanding.

The binary has been reinforced by nominalist philosophy.

The binary has been buttressed by tribal identities.

The binary has been encouraged by creedal religions.

Binary is largely the basis for all forms of selectivity and exclusion.

So drenched is society in the binary that it is almost a self-evident – a fact so obvious that it is ignored.

Because tolerance, democracy and helpfulness evidence a non-possessive love, they can be said to be forms of love.

Human beings are a spectrum from the primal and predatory to the characteristics that tend toward the sublime.

Few cultures descend to the levels of official hate that would justfy calling them outright evil.

Most cultures are sufficiently binary and predatory to make the defeat of harmful behavior most difficult.

Even democracies are shot through with binary and predatory elements.

There is no reasonable defense of the binary on the grounds that it sublimates worse impulses.

All binary behavior on analysis leads to the same effects and results.

Triadic Philosophy names a simple and direct way for anyone to think beyond the tendency to binary behavior.

Without a way of thinking past violence we cede the world to those who live by binary manipulation.

Triadic Philosophy has always existed to press the ontological claims of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry.

The realities that have recognized and moved past the binary are tolerance, democracy and helpfulness.

A classic use of the binary ploy was the gotcha question of Bernard Shaw to Michael Dukakis in which an honest attempt to think was submerged in a national defense of mindlessness.

Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms

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