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Psychoanalysis – Prospects and Limitations

Psychoanalysis advanced two flawed notions – a reductionist view of us and a skewed view of reality.

Psyochoanalysis saw us as tied to the unconscious and neglected contexts beyond the individual and the family.

We are a spectrum, as is reality, and our position in the universe is one of full relatedness to all.

We are not tied to our unconscious.

We are value-choosing free individuals connected globally.

Psychoanalysis tends to see triadic mainly in terms of the person and the family.

The family is being deconstructed by reality.

Reality is values-based not blood-based.

Conflicts within families are at bottom values-based.

Conflicts within families are social. They have universal implications.

Psychosynthesis has always been the direction toward which psychoanalysis should move.

Psychosynthesis acknowledges the higher self.

The higher self is not (just) a new age notion. It is part of us. It has existed all along.

The notion of “fallen man” is the product of early priestly imagining and the temptations of brute power.

Priestly imaginings and brute power are aspects of a binary understanding that now gives way to triadic awareness.

Psychoanalysis has evolved from rigid emulation of Freudian practice to seeing that a meeting of conscious minds is healing in itself.

Consciousness and freedom are complementary.

In time, the various schools of “help” will be evaluated in terms of their capacity to represent and propagate triadic values.


Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms



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