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The End of The Environment

Stephen Curtiss Rose

The problem I generally have with A Pattern Language may have to do with my Taurean, literal nature and with my penchant for asking why.

It is not as if most of A Pattern Language isn’t vastly preferable to what we have, especially if we take in the entire world. But I also have a persistent image in my mind of a future that is very different from that premised by Christopher Alexander and his colleagues in A Pattern Language. And possibly that may stem from a philosophy that is a trifle less inclined to imagine eternal patterns and fixed archetypes.

Any way I feel I have a different image of, or idea about, the future.

My premises include:

Air will eventually become too noxious in heavily populated areas to make life itself endurable.

The costs of transportation, in the entirely unacceptable oil-automobile economy we now have, will become unbearable…

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