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Remembering My Friend Lew Wilkins

Stephen C. Rose

For several months I have had the sadness and happiness of knowing that one of my great friends, Lew Wilkins, was dying. The happiness is because it was always happy to think of Lew. Still is. The other day the final moment came. But it is hardly final. We do not know what comes for any or all of us. We have faith, and sometimes the experience of unity and closeness with those who are no longer here in flesh and blood.

I met Lew when I went to the World Council of Churches in Geneva in 1966. He was working in the same building. He was a constant friend during a terribly frustrating time for me. I felt out of place, as though nothing would move. I left early. In the meantime we played bridge with Eugene Carson Blake, our fellow Presbyterian and talked ad infinitum about church problems.

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