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Twitter Almanac of Unjustified Account Closings

Twitter’s daily assault continues. Today I followed as is my custom. At around 400 or so Twitter intervened with a notice saying I had hit a limit. Fine. I stopped. That is as it should be. But they proceed to lock my account. I have better things to do than take the time to keep this record. Maybe I will stop and let them keep on and on and on. Or maybe from now on I will just post the date – 6 November and the exact time 1:00 PM (34 minutes ago).

November 5 following this tweet –

We got the result SCOTUS bought. Attack ads became mantras. It is 1968 again.

Twitter in its infinite wisdom LOCKED my account again. It is not even 6:00 AM in NYC. It was locked immediately when this tweet was posted. Draw your own conclusion. Mine is a steely resolve to keep on keeping on.

Here is the tweet I was trying to post when I got the offending Twitter email.

Today’s we learned that the most dangerous airborne virus in America isn’t Ebola, it’s Amnesia.

I will now change my password for the nth time and soldier on.

What would a day be without another account lock  November 3. I keep thinking I will get a letter of apology. Have they nothing better to do. You can follow a thousand, some say 2000 a day. Today I followed 500. I got nice responses. I wish I got the same from Twitter. I have literally worked 12/7 on the Web since it started. I chose Twitter as my base. It is very hard to consider leaving.


8:54 PM (5 minutes ago)

It is November 2. Just in case anyone reading this believes it is excessive following that causes the excessive locking of my Twitter account, today Sunday November 2, I have followed not a soul but my acct. has been closed

12:47 PM (20 minutes ago)

I did unfollow some, because there is little point in following someone who is not following you. They cannot see what you post and you do not see what they post, so the logic is that you do not continue to follow them. These are people I followed a month ago who never responded or they are people who have for whatever reason decided to unfollow me. I am merely doing what I have always done but Twitter now seems bent on harassment and it is indeed just that.  Probably not the action of a small-minded soul parked somewhere, but rather the impersonal action of an algorithm that is designed to ferret out spam or hacking. I personally think that posting a protest like this should eventually encourage a human being to enter the system and exempt @stephencrose who has been doing the same thing since Twitter’s first year of operation from further nonsense. At some point I will probably give up, but I have things I want to say and when I think of fellow Tweeps elsewhere who are vulnerable to genuine harassment and worse, I gain perspective. I have 182K followers of whom a small fraction are attentive, but that is more than I can claim after a lifetime of writing in other media including books. My first month of this was indeed a nightmare, but now it is just a twinge of sadness, more for Twitter than me.

Following my practice of documenting Twitter closings it is 6:02 AM Nov 1 in NYC and I just received another account lock. 6:00 AM (0 minutes ago). I thought maybe the obvious efforts of Twitter to right a shaky ship by altering the composition of its staff would result in some attention to these incursions. Guess not. Still it is no way to gain public support. Twitter survives now because it is There and because folk like me have worked for almost a decade to make it what it is. By subjecting us periodically – no frequently – daily – to Kafkaesque indignities is to me a symbol of all that is wrong. It means that when something proves as effective and less bothersome, it will succeed Twitter.

I am going to add successive account closings by Twitter to the top of this Almanac. This one came today Thursday 30 Oct. 14  at 2:27 PM (13 minutes ago) – that would be NYC time. My crime unfollowing folk who did not accept my invitation or who got tired of my stream and following around 400 or so new folk who also follow someone I admire. If Twitter cannot tolerate someone acting well within their stated rules, whose goal is to share what interests me – often the tweets of others – then so be it. Why stick with Twitter? Why not? We have an election coming up. I will do my best to see that the President has his third national victory. 2008, 20i2 and this year. The text of the Twitter letter is always the same. I might not be me. If not, why do they keep sending me mail?

I have gotten about thirty of the following recently. I have decided to keep a Twitter Almanac of Unjustified Account Closings to see if this is a syndrome that others also experience for no reason. Twitter says you can follow people but when I do I get these.

Stephen C. Rose,
Unlock your Twitter account
Stephen C. Rose
We believe your account @stephencrose might be compromised by a user or service not associated with Twitter.
To secure your account and continue safely using Twitter, change your password now.

Once again today:

For security purposes, your Twitter account has been locked.



1:58 PM (4 hours ago)

to me
Images are not displayed. Display images below – Always display images from
Stephen C. Rose,
Unlock your Twitter account
Stephen C. Rose
We believe your account @stephencrose might be compromised by a user or service not associated with Twitter.
To secure your account and continue safely using Twitter, change your password now.
Reset your password
Check out our support pages for more information.
-The Twitter Security Team

Two locks so far today. Twitter needs to do something.

Wednesday – another lock:

8:52 PM (2 minutes ago)
I made the “mistake” of foilowing people.
Prominently on my home page – an ad for Twitter ads. 
to me

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