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Tsu Social Network – The Brave New World of User Compensation

Tsu is a social network, just starting but promising. One of its promises is that it will compensate us, its users, with the bulk of its ad income. The logic is that users provide the content. This logic was present in early days. I remember earning quite well on Themestream before it went under. You cannot earn money paying out a dime a view. I remember Epinions in its earliest iteration. One could earn some there. There was no Twitter. No Facebook. No Linkedin. None of these three are user-friendly to the point of sacrificing a penny of their earnings. Without us of course they would not exist.

The trick is a business plan that is promising but realistic at the same time. I am not expert enough to understand Tsu’s bottom line business plan but I have a general idea. First let me invite you to join. Only members can do this. While it is not a referral outfit, it does benefit the one who invites. This is because a user’s income is dependent in part on the number of persons in his or her following. So if you want to check out Tsu, be my guest: Just click and follow the dots. Leave any questions here as comments and I will try to oblige.

Tsu’s first income creator is ads and as traffic increases advertising will increase. This is income that Tsu intends to distribute to us, keeping only 10 percent. Our 90 percent goes half to the original content creator and half to his or her audience. This is complex but a FAQ offers a fairly detailed explanation.

This is only the top of the money mountain. The income that we earn goes into an online account. We have wallets. When it hits $100 it can be claimed and a check sent. But the anticipation is that that money will circulate among members and beyond. When such online transactions occur Tsu will earn micropayments. with every transaction. Bingo! Win win.

What this suggests is that Tsu, if successful, will be like a bank that’s open 24/7 and hopping with the proceeds of the  millions (or billions) of content creators who regard earning something online as their right. Maybe bank is to loaded a word these days. How about calling it an alternative economy that we (us) sort of own?

In any case, it’s clear that the vision of Tsu is considerably beyond that of say Twitter, whose general drift seems to be to encourage users like myself to buy ads to increase visibility while locking accounts if one has the temerity to follow more than a handful or unfollow those who don’t follow you back. This behavior on Twitter’s part one reason why I am now encouraging my 180K Twitter followers to give Tsu a try.

I am wondering what will happen if mega-Twitter-followings like those of Kate Perry and Justin Bieber are drawn to Tsu.

I am  too new to be even a proper newbie on Tsu,  but it is clearly a breath of fresh air. The goal I have had since the start of cyberspace is to catch a wave of human betterment built on the fact that when people communicate they improve a bit. Such communication is hampered when the snark level begins to dominate, as is the case on Twitter. Communication on Tsu could suffer if it was perceived to be a means by which clever promoters devise all sorts of methods to stimulate following without offering a shred of uplifting content.

My resolution is to become further acquainted with Tsu as a viable alternative to the domination of us by corporate entities. Even if my ownership is minuscule it is already more in prospect than I would earn were I to invest another seven years on Twitter.


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