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Twitter Almanac of Unjustified Account Closings

I will reblog this weekly until the Twitter assault stops.

Stephen C. Rose

Following my practice of documenting Twitter closings it is 6:02 AM Nov 1 in NYC and I just received another account lock. 6:00 AM (0 minutes ago). I thought maybe the obvious efforts of Twitter to right a shaky ship by altering the composition of its staff would result in some attention to these incursions. Guess not. Still it is no way to gain public support. Twitter survives now because it is There and because folk like me have worked for almost a decade to make it what it is. By subjecting us periodically – no frequently – daily – to Kafkaesque indignities is to me a symbol of all that is wrong. It means that when something proves as effective and less bothersome, it will succeed Twitter.

I am going to add successive account closings by Twitter to the top of this Almanac. This one came today Thursday 30 Oct…

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