abba's way

The reality of Amazon

The reality of Amazon has little (sic) to do with who occupies the offices or who gets the press or who becomes a football in the war that is waged on Amazon by people who do not see that reality. The reality has always been us, the customers and, as importantly, the creators. The Old World, the world that countenanced binary culture, in order to feel good about being aesthetic and such, is Amazon’s mortal enemy. Why? Because it has no use for the philistines and the hoi polloi and the unknowns who are starting to rise up in the DIY world of Kindle and the frenetic world of cyber existence. I know the world that hates Amazon. I also know the inside of Amazon because I talk to people who know. It is not paradise. There are chinks. There are terrible working conditions out there in the wasteland where Amazon parks its delivery bases. We will correct that. The Hachettes of the world will simply use such info to buttress their elitist desire to force people whose incomes are going down – relatively – out of the market for what the elite publishes. We could have peace with a little triadic thinking. We could have it in DC and online. Triadic is thinking in threes and not stopping until harm has been wrung out of the equation on all sides. That of course is Obama arrogance aka thinking. Binary people prefer war. So we say a pox on them and continue to create as we like and watch that Old World disappear for entertainment.


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