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The Purloined Song – 2

The Purloined Song – 2

Ponsonby was soon lost in what was perhaps the most obvious cul de sac he might encounter while exploring the ramifications of removing a song from the past. The song he chose was not widely known, though fans of Bob Dylan would probably object and the folk on the Expecting Rain site would possibly snark a bit. In any case, the song was called “This Dream of You”. When you like a song, you play it over and over. And if you go back and do the same thing, you know it is a keeper. Whether it was the accordion on the track or the simplicity of the lyric, or its complexity when, like haiku, it paints possibility in a few lines, Ponsonby imagined that the song might, in one situation, somewhere, prompt lovers to love. He further imagined that out of this union there comes one. To the point that if the song was somehow purloined this union would not happen and the product of it would not make an appearance on the planet. There you have it. The ur narrative. The more-than-likely result of being able to remove from the past anything that had the capacity to make something else happen. When one reflects that even a bit of detritus on a pavement could cause someone to make a fatal step and end up, like poor Dr. Adkins, dead of a fall on a sidewalk, you can see that time travel or time anything that mucks with what we roughly accept to be chronology, is most thankfully an impossibility. We can embrace our fate with a bit more aplomb. So went Ponsonby’s thinking, and he was still digesting his grapefruit.


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