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The Purloined Song – 3

The Purloined Song – 3

It is a good thing Ponsonby, unlike your author, is unaware of the irrationality of his imaginings. If he was, he would see that anything that could have made Dr. Adkins avoid whatever made him fall would be a plus. Oh my! I remember poor Thomas Merton, the author of seraphic meditative prose and poetry, managed to do himself in by electrocution owing to a faulty plug connection in a room somewhere. Then there was the eminent couple that was so connected that a pact was made that when one was at death’s door, the other would follow suit. When the moment came, and the spouse was dispatched, the male duly shot himself as his spouse made her way wherever one makes their way when life is over. But the ultimate shot was not entirely effective. Now who would not in such a case want that shot to be true? Unless one would prefer to counsel said couple IN ADVANCE. To allow nature to take its course without trying to put everything out of joint by a double suicide. My Lord, what a tangled web! If we could only do harmful things over and let the good things remain! But then we would be fooling with causes and effects that would get things more mixed up than they are already. No wonder Nietzsche told us to love our fate and be done with anything but now. Which, of course, depends on what our now is. We find Ponsonby blissfully aware of his inconsistency, a fact that will doubtless be understood when his brain is examined, following whatever ending he may encounter.


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