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Say NO to evil. On Twitter. On other networks.

I just followed folk who follow @MrScottEddy and I advise you to do the same. Global, alert, happening.

We are finally at the point where what we do will literally spell the difference between life and death for the planet. Make no mistake. There is evil in the world because there is conscious harm being done. Some harm is due to corporate and governmental actions that result in everything from the denial of rights to starvation, sickness and death. There is evil in the world because idolatrous individuals believe that they can resurrect imagined pasts or achieve utopian dreams by acts of terror and murder. There is evil in the world because of susceptibility to the propaganda  of those who dwell on hate, fear and violence. And the time has come to counter it in a new way that is only possible because cyberspace makes it so. Consider the clear call of Triadic Philosophy. The truth will set us free. The truth is that the voices of millions, billions, trillions have the power, merely by expressing themselves, to wrest control of history from the bad guys. The only thing that keeps the purveyors of  harm in control is the lassitude of the crowd. Triadic Philosophy invites each person to lay claim to their birthright. The freedom to choose values that create progress. How will we keep the top from getting richer as masses drown in debt? By saying NO to evil. On Twitter. On other networks. In messages. In our face to face lives. We can react to the wages of harm in such numbers and with such force and with such a degree of authenticity, that on a sheer numerical level we can make change resonate. We can move from today’s ironical cynicism to a skeptical but positive affirmation of tolerance, helpfulness and democracy. We can move past either-or simplicity, prevalent in the media, to an affirmation that the only way that matters is a way that works.  Why is this a key moment in history? It is the first time that all can be heard. The unique, individual messages of all have a cumulative power to put a stop to the forces that would otherwise kill our planet. 

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