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The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Lines to Make A Revolution

From The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Lines to Make A Revolution Kindle Store


My position is pure idea. It floats in the cybersphere. It rests on realities that are real, built into the very patterns of reality. Realities that can only become tangible by a mind – any mind.. That’s my position. Why? Because the day of gurus and followers is over, just as the day of large anonymous institutions ordering individuals about is ending. What people become they becoime and more and more that is not subject, I propose, to anything but four values built into the very fabric of what is true and beautiiful and real.

These values are tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry.

To all who read and absorb: Read this as pure idea. Treat it as pure thought. As a sign. A blown kiss from Ophelia. Hamlet passing by. Jesus over there. A burning bush.

No religion necessary? None! A pure idea.

No creed needed? No, none at all! What you believe, you believe.

Read this as a pure idea. A pure idea alone. Then watch the world around you doff religion, then ideology, then theory to arrive at that primal iconoclasm at the heart of non-idolatry, to cleave to the strength at the heart of tolerance, to embrace the enabling understading that is helpfulness and to form bottom up the democracies of the future.

Take your place in the spirituality that is emerging/


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