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Who Is Harmed By Greed?

Greed is considered sinful but who does it harm?

What harms is when greed results in tangible injury, hurt, suffering.

Greed is a natural desire to possess. It has many forms. It is harmful only when it can be shown to operate to the detriment of others.

If it is conceded that life should be honored and protected and that the capacity to choose should be paramount, then we might create a pie made up of all the world and divide it between those who have plenty of choice and those whose lives have virtually no choice at all. It is clear enough that, in the case of those who lack choice, harm is endemic. There is even an argument that in a world divided in this way, existence among those with choice is made onerous because of the feelings that attend the disparity.

The answer to greed is a fair determination of what is needed to give choice to every person on the planet. We are swiftly reaching a point when that determination will be possible. Once it is, the matter of greed will be settled by simple division. For once a person is endowed with reasonable options, unhampered by severe disadvantages, the possibilities multiply. Free choices can and will be made. And greed will be trumped.


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