abba's way

Envy is not a deadly sin. Doing harm is.

Envy is not a deadly sin. Doing harm is.

Envy is being jealous of something or someone and desiring what they have, whatever it may be.

As a feeling, envy is common and should be acknowledged and admitted. I envy someone their looks or their manner or their house or their possessions.

Jealousy is a state of being that contains resentment and anger and a sense of betrayal. If it eats at you, it may do harm. Most certainly, if your anger impacts others in a hurtful way, it mat result in evil.

Like all things good or evil, the proof is in the action. By your fruits you are known.

So unless envy or jealousy eats away at you, or yields up an action based on mindlessness, selfishness or other harmful values, it remains subject to the influences of freedom and conscience.

Envy can become a sign leading to good. Similarly, jealousy can lead to a better result than inflicting harm and injury. Envy and jealousy can summon one to shake the dust from feet and move on. Or consider an inventive way to tolerate a difficult situation by acts that are flexible, instructive and
even gracious.

The way to transform a negative emotion into a positive action begins with the experience of the freedom to choose the way ahead.


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