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Triadic Philosophy – Ethics and Universals

Triadic Philosophy suggests that ethics should be the index, the middle, in conscious considerations. It reserves the term ontological to denote what is universal; in the sense of a teleology. What is universal are good values. They transcend because they are part of what we infer to be reality itself and from our perspective reality is all – what we grasp and what we don’t. What we don’t remains mystery until we plumb it. The presence of ethics in the primary thought process links all thinking to values on the spectrum of what is good and what is not good. When intolerance, unhelpfulness and rights abuses are present, these are values that will be gradually diminished with progress. Ultimately it is truth and beauty to which the good values lead. Triadic Philosophy has little or no credence in academic circles but neither did the figures who are its precursors. Academic philosophy concerns itself with hermeneutics on steroids, as if understanding what a person meant was a prize in a contest. I can think of few to whom this enterprise is less applicable than Peirce. Fact is he was on the mark enough times to render debate about when he thought this or that fatuous. Better some discussion of what a Peircean ethic would look like, That discussion would involve consideration of the following and its possible improvement.

Hierarchy of Good

  1. Being loving and free
  1. Acting and expressing for truth and beauty
  1. Valuing Non-idolatry
  1. Valuing Democracy
  1. Valuing Helpfulness
  1. Valuing Tolerance
  1. Contributing to the community
  1. Being responsible
  1. Critical thinking
  1. Self-respect

Hierarchy of Evil

  1. Thoughtlessness
  1. Selfishness
  1. Judging others
  1. Ganging Up
  1. Excluding
  1. Intolerance
  1. Opposing democracy
  2. Unhelpfulness
  1. Causing injury
  1. Killing

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