abba's way

From “Advanced Triadic Philosophy”

As Triadic Philosophy Develops it becomes easier to share and to teach. This book can be read with profit by anyone, but if you wish to edge into the subject here is the order you should explore:

Triadic Values Starter Kit

Changing Your Heart and Mind: Triadic Philosophy in A Nut Shell

Three Helpful Habits: DIY to Get Your Life on Track (Triadic Philosophy Book 2)

Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms

There is a tributary to this stream that is what I see as an evolution of the Christian religion from its enclosed institutional forms into the basis for a universal spirituality. This spirituality infuses Triadic Philosophy. It takes its place in this iteration under the heading of Abba’s Way. This is because it employs the name Abba rather than God and because it takes as its basic text The Lord’s Prayer which is, on the basis of Jesus’ advice, addressed to Abba. It rejects Christian messianism which is the premise upon which the religion is based. It affirms the universal values of Jesus and the essential nature of Reality as a creation which is continuous and which has a goal.

Here are some of the works that represent this emphasis, again in an order that moves from a beginning perspective to more advanced material.

Hymns and Songs (Abba’s Way Book 1)

The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Lines to Make A Revolution (Abba’s Way Book 2)

Jesus Speak: An urgent message for now

The Jesus Interview: Including Abba’s Way – A Universal Spirituality


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