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A note to the Peirce List: What is a genuine triadic relationship?

We would not have a slot here
without a suspicion that triadic philosophy raises
points that segue at certain points with
Peircean thought
I think it is equally clear that the way 
this has evolved
makes it a place to sound counterpoints
emendations and supplements
to what is under discussion
For example there is
the idea of a genuine triadic relationship
Triadic philosophy sees such a relationship as 
explicitly tied to a root triad
Reality (source of all signs, all thought, everything)
Ethics – Ontological Values which reflect
a universal scale of values from top 
to bottom
Aesthetics denoting all
human expression and action
A genuine triadic relationship is
thus a relationship between
A scale of Universal Ontological Values
and Truth And Beauty fused
in an Aesthetic sense that
yields up an
or an action
or both
Note that the the Aesthetic 
is seen to embrace the full spectrum 
of Good and Evil that
is the basis of the Ethical
and that Reality may be understood
to be the space where
the values which make up
the spectrum are 
played out
in the
actions and expressions of
all people 
(for clarity – the spectrum is)
Inline image 1

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