abba's way

Expressing is the rehearsal for action.

Acting and Expressing for Truth and Beauty

See Being Loving and Free — Medium

Expressing is the rehearsal for action. Expressing is writing something — just a few words, maybe a paragraph. It is the conscious iteration of an intent. It may result in an action. It is the step consciousness takes before it jumps into the water. Action is the tangible reality that emerges from the expression. It may be no more than the publication of the intent. Or it may be a more substantial deed, a contribution, an act of help, or of tolerance, or of forgiveness or of sharing thoughts and ideas. It may well be taking the time to accomplish a goal. It can be anything.

The poet Keats concluded that truth is beauty and beauty is truth. That, said he, is not merely all we know on earth but all we need to know. Quite a statement, but it makes sense. Truth in itself may be wretched or hard or false or incomplete. There is little truth that is so pristine that we can allow it to stand alone. If we come upon a serious truth we are likely to say that it is identical with beauty. That is what we affirm when we act. Truth is beauty. Beauty is truth. For a truth to stand, it must be beautiful. For beauty to stand it must be true. If we want to call this a mystery, go ahead, call it a mystery. But it works as part of a daily index.

As I go about it, I submit whatever I am thinking of to Tolerance and Helpfulness and Democracy, allowing these terms to influence me. Then I say (to myself) Truth is beauty. Beauty is truth. And then I envision the Burning Bush Moses saw when he learned that God would not identify himself save as “who I am” and “who I will be”. And I say to myself: I accept that and am thankful that Jesus opened the door to the realization, in the gift of the Holy Spirit, that Abba —our universal friend — is within ME and in everyone else, in all.

If I am a Muslim I may translate this into the great Allah. If I am an atheist I may say this is none of it real to me. But freedom real. And and values are. And so is the need for recognizing wrongs I have done and standing on my own two feed in spite of it. At the end of whatever process there is, I have passed through ethical reflection to Expression and Action. I say to myself my Expression will be — whatever it is. And my Action may be — whatever it is.

So an active daily effort to consciously seek forgiveness and receive the same, along with active consideration of whatever is occupying my mind, ethically and aesthetically, is of high value. Did the Bard do this? Did Mandela? Did Sojourner Truth? Believe me they all did, one way or another. For there is no way to progress without universality and there is no way to universality unless it is experienced within.


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