abba's way

Get the cars out

I live at the junction of 34th Street, 6th Avenue and Broadway. Out my window is Macy’s and the open space in front of it. I am a few blocks from where Bob Simon was killed when the Lincoln Town Car he was in crashed unaccountably into a Mercedes. The hailing of NYC is a cop out because the solution to what planners and designers are creeping toward over time is a big step beyond NYC. It is car free cities. I mean mile square areas that are sans cars period. Until this little notion is duly lodged in the psyches of planners and designers we will not even be on a page whose continuation would move to the heading “viable future”. It is nice that we finally see the crucifixion of the public space. That is going on within blocks of me. The bank removed the tables in front of it on 32d Street. Glass started falling from a new high rise kitty corner from the Empire State Building, completely disabling the public space that was (manditorily) placed there. Meanwhile, the city is turning itself over to money-launderers from all over who can somehow operate with impunity while we do not think clearly about what Christopher Alexander, C. A. Doxiadis, Jane Jacobs approached without saying outright —  get the cars out.


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