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Groupthink and bureaucracies are not the result of pragmaticist urges. A Response on the Peirce List

The notion that groupthink and bureaucracies are the result of what are wrongly considered to be idealistic urges on the part of the well-intentioned is absurd. If there is group think beyond the TV soundbites it is well distributed across the spectrum of bloviation. People tend to fashion their perceptions on such frail signs. The spectre of bureaucracy as villainous is more pertinent and there is no defense of its various harmful effects. But to see this as somehow the product of your idealistic sorts is again absurd. What is not absurd is Triadic Philosophy, vastly cheaper to buy than a book on Hitler and vastly more pertinent to   the issue you raise which is at the center of Triadic Philosophy. Any examination of it will show that it is the most individualistic of POVs. It stipulates that history is made by the decisions of individuals and that these are determinative. This sweeping characterization of progressive thinking is more redolent of Reince Priebus than it is of Peirce.

NOTE The above responds to what is clearly a provocative effort to elicit just such a response. It reflects the low state of dialog today and the fact that anyone who believes as I do that individuals are not merely important but determinative is condemned if they also believe in pressing democracy, helpfulness and tolerance. Such a binary conflict is precisely what Triadic Philosophy moves past.


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