abba's way

When Will Reality Be Freed?—A Poetic Cri de Coeur


When will reality be freed

It is the crown of my philosophy

The real unreal declension is a binary delusion

Everything is real

Did you hear that

All is real reality is all all is reality

It is only when reality is freed that the world

will see that transcendence is indeed possible

within the borders of reality

It is only when reality is freed that we will know that there is more that we don’t know than what we claim to know and that what we know and what we do not know occupy reality

Does reality have an edge?

Who knows

Is there a limit to what we can know

Who knows I doubt it

Is reality all in itself with no opposition or alternative

Reality is everything we know and do not know

What does reality possess that we can infer

I infer that it possesses universal rules

I infer that it moves

I infer that space is real

Time is too

I infer that there is always truth and falsehood true and false

I infer that everything is a spectrum including us

I infer that talking about reality in binary terms as the opposite of unreality is the very symptom and sign of a massive thought ailment that has ruled the world almost forever

I infer it is time to wake up


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